The Best Pressure Washer Hoses

A good pressure washer hose is just as important as having a good pressure washing machine. However, choosing a hose is not as simple as going to the store and purchasing a pressure washer hose. You have a few things that you need to consider first. You may want to have a hose that is made for your type of pressure washer, you may need a certain material type, one that is longer or shorter than your previous one, and much more. That is why, before you settle on a replacement pressure washer hose, you should check out some of the best ones available.

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How to Choose Your New Pressure Washer Hose

The satisfaction you feel about purchasing a new pressure washer hose will be more likely if you take the time to decide what you want, before you buy. As a good rule, you should have an understanding of what your pressure washer needs and what you want from a new hose. For instance, you need to think about the length as well as a few other things.

Length – The length of your pressure washer hose will be important. If you have an electric pressure washer that you need to keep close to the house or your power supply, but the area you need to clean is at the other end of your home, a short hose will not help you. However, if you have a gas pressure washer that moves easily or you have a power supply where you want to clean with an electric one, a shorter hose may work fine. This is personal preference and there is no one length that is better than the other.

Diameter – Hoses in general are not one size fits all. They may have a different diameter. Usually you can find the small 1/4” hoses which can be used with a pressure washer that is rated for pressure washers up to 2700 psi. The medium hose diameter is 5/16”. They are usable with pressure washers that put out between 2700 and 3400 psi. The largest and most common diameter is the 3/8” hose. They are able to handle up to 5000 psi and they are usable with most pressure washers.

Connection Type – Every hose has a connection at each end. One is to connect to the pressure washer, the other is to connect to the wand or trigger. You need to check your pressure washer to see whether you need a connection that snaps into place or one that screws into it. Does your gun have a male or a female connector? This will also matter. The male type connector is often easier to work with, but a female connector can also be purchased.

Material Matters – Most hoses for a pressure washer are made of one of three types of material. They may be made using PVC plastic, rubber, or polyurethane. The PVC is the most common, but it is a very hard plastic that is not very flexible and can lead to frustration for the one trying to use it. The rubber hoses are more flexible, they are heavier, and they may leave scuff marks on wet concrete or other surfaces if you are not careful. Polyurethane hoses are steel braided hoses that are coated in a plastic material that bends easily.

Which Hose Is Best?

There is no one hose that is right for every pressure washer. Therefore, in order to help you understand which one may work best for you, here are a few of the best sellers. They are available on online, they are reasonably priced, and they should help you to see what is available.

Raptor Blast 4000 PSI

This pressure washer hose is steel braided. It is 50’ long and comes with couplers. You can use it with hot water, up to 275 degrees. The inlet is a 3/8” plug. The outlet is a swivel end 3/8” quick connect. There are adaptors available that you can use with it, but in general, if you have the right inlet and outlet, you should be able to use it with your machine as long as it uses 4000 psi or less.


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Karcher 2.642-588.0

Karcher is one of the main companies who require you to buy accessories or replacement parts from them. This is a 25 ft hose that the standard Karcher quick connect hook ups. It is compatible with a variety of Karcher models that are electric powered and up to 2000 psi. It is made with the same material that the original Karcher hoses may be, which means it is a little stiff. As an added bonus, you can connect two or more hoses together for extra length.

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AR North America 3,000 PSI Hose

This AR North America pressure washer hose has an inner diameter of 1/4″. It is oil resistant and can be used on any pressure washer that puts out up to 3000 psi. The inlet is 22×14 mm and the outlet is 22 mm. Each end of this hose female threaded cuffs, which are designed to tighten down on to male threads. It is fairly flexible, but perhaps not as easily bendable as some other hose types.

AR North America Hose 3000 PSI

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Apache 10085591

If you want a lot of length, this could be the hose you want. It is 50 ft long and can be used with any pressure washer that uses up to 3700psi. The hose has female metric ends, so you do need the male inlets on your pressure washer. It is a rubber hose so you can expect it to be flexible. Because it is a rubber hose, it is not recommended that you use it with water that is higher than 140 degrees. It hooks up easily using quick connects.

Apache 10085591

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Briggs & Stratton 19600GS

This pressure washer hose is 1/4” in diameter and 25ft long. It is a genuine Briggs & Stratton replacement part, which means that you have to have the right type of machine to use it. That is why you have the option to look up your machine to ensure you get the right hose for your pressure washer. However, you do not necessarily need a Briggs & Stratton pressure washer to use this hose. Really, as long as your pressure washer puts out 3000 psi or less and you have access to couplers or an adaptor, you should be able to use this hose with any machine.

Briggs & Stratton 19600GS

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