Best 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washers for 2019

A big mess requires a lot of elbow grease when it comes to cleaning. Tough stains are not easy to get out, especially when the tough stains include pollen, caked on mud, and deep down oil stains on your driveway or on the side of your home. That type of cleaning often requires you to spend a lot of money on chemicals, hours of your time, and still you may not end up with a surface area as clean as you would like. That is where it may come in handy for you to take the time to try and find the best 2000 PSI electric pressure washer. However, sometimes finding the best is not the easiest task.

Sun Joe SPX3001AR Blue AR390SSKarcher K5 PremiumSun Joe SPX3000
Max PSI: 2030Max PSI: 2000Max PSI: 2000Max PSI: 2030
GPM: 1.76GPM: 1.4GPM: 1.4GPM: 1.76
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Why Choose a 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer?

When it comes to pressure washers, your overall satisfaction with it will be based on what you want to clean and how much PSI your new pressure washer may have. The higher the PSI rating, the more pressure you will have come out of your pressure washer when you have it set to spray a full blast instead of a fanned out spray. 2000 PSI pressure washers are able to clean virtually anything that you put in front of it.

With it, you will be able to clean oil stains off your driveway, pollen off your home, and other things using the high pressure wash. However, if you want to clean more delicate items, such as a bicycle, vehicle, or wood surfaces on your deck, you can use the 2000 PSI machines to clean those items as well. If you need more power, you can of course look towards a 3000 PSI pressure washer for heavy duty needs.

In short, a pressure washer with 2000 PSI, can clean a variety of things that you have around your home. Perhaps that is why a pressure washer such as the Sun Joe SPX3000, is such a popular choice for a variety of people, who all use it to clean a lot of different things.

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Best 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washers

Sun Joe SPX3000

The SPX3000 gives you the ability to not only use detergent with your pressure washer automatically, but it can hold two different types of detergent in its dual tanks. This means that when you are deep cleaning a variety of areas, you can switch effortlessly between soaps and make your job go even faster.

It has a 34in extension spray wand to give you the ability to clean hard to reach areas, even second story windows, and siding. You can also adjust the spray settings to meet your needs. For tough stains, you may want a pressurized stream of 2,000 PSI, but for light cleaning, you can tone down the pressure to a misting rinse.

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Sun Joe SPX3001

This 1800-watt/14.5-amp pressure washer can produce up to 2030 PSI. This means it has enough power to remove road tar from your vehicle without damaging the surface area. It comes with a very large onboard detergent tank and you can customize the spray to get the cleaning power that you need from it. It has a 20ft hose and a 35ft power cord.

There is also a garden hose adapter so you know that it will work with any standard hose. The built-in holder can securely hold the trigger gun when not in use and the hose reel holds the hoses. This ensures that it takes up very little space when you need to store it.

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AR Blue AR383

This pressure washer is very versatile in its cleaning ability. You can easily adjust it to spray out either a wide fan or a more concentrated area by simply turning the nozzle head on the variable spray wand. For tough jobs, you can also use the turbo wand which produces a pulsating and rotating spray. This means that it can handle even tough jobs with just a minor adjustment using its 13-amp 1.5HP motor. It has a Tri-Axle water pump which will use only 1.5 GPM no matter how much spray you are using.

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AR Blue AR390SS

This machine allows you to use the included nozzle tips to clean depending on the surface area you are working with. It even has a soap tip to give you the soap bubbles that mean it is cleaning well.

When using detergent, you simply use the 48oz tank. It allows you to reach second story windows and more with its 30ft high pressure hose and 35ft power cord. All accessories store onboard the machine and it has a swivel power cord release to make things easier on you.

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Karcher K5

This machine offers more power than all other Karcher pressure washers at 2,000 PSI. This ensures that it can be used on tough cleaning jobs. It is able to clean bikes, ATVs, vehicles, homes, pools, fences, bricks, and more while using only 1.4 GPM. The maximum water inlet temperature is 104 and its overall weight without the accessories is 28.7 pounds.

It uses water to cool the induction motor, which will extend its life and the TSS will extend the life of the pump. It has a pressurized hose reel to protect and store the hose when it is not in use and all other included accessories, including the Dirtblaster and Vario wands, have a storage area on the unit as well.

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GreenWorks GPW1950

This pressure washer is ideal for some because it virtually eliminates the chance of tip overs. It is compact and low to the ground, but still provides a powerful punch thanks to its 13amp induction motor, which produces up to 1950 PSI.

It features dual soap tanks for versatility, three nozzles tips, a wand, and a foam sprayer. Also included are a 25ft high-pressure hose and a 35ft power cord. This gives most people more than enough reach to clean everything on their property.

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Powerhouse International – The Force 2000

If you enjoy accessories, none will come with as much versatility as this machine. It features a spinning patio cleaner attachment, a hose reel, soap dispenser, an adjustable nozzle, and a turbo nozzle. Everything stores conveniently onboard the machine when not in use. It has an initial power burst of up to 3000 PSI, but when operating under normal circumstances it produces 1800-2000 PSI consistently.

The brush motor uses a thermal sensor to protect the machine from overheating, which means you can spend all day cleaning up and never have to worry about the machine. If it gets too hot, it will shut down and cool off before you can restart it. Another safety feature is the fact that it will not engage until the trigger is squeezed by you.

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