AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

How simple would your life be if you had an easier way to clean your home on the outside? A garden hose works fine for some things. It works for things that simply have a little dust. However, for things like your vehicle, where you may have bugs or a home and yard furniture that has pollen caked on, you will want more power. Pressure washers are able to give you that power, provided you can find the right one. The AR Blue Clean AR390SS has 2000 PSI to give you plenty of power, but is it really worth the cost? Could the AR Blue Clean AR390SS be the one you have been searching for?


Important Features of the AR390SS

The AR Blue Clean line of pressure washer provides quality and cleaning power. This pressure washer is no different. The fact that it has 2000 PSI means that it has 40 times more pressure than your water hose when you have it set to a full jet stream of water. This makes it ideal for cleaning even the dirtiest areas of your yard, including your driveway, patio, or pool area. To help you get the maximum amount of pressurized water flow, you will get a Turbo Nozzle. This nozzle has a quick connect feature that can further increase your water pressure up to about 50% more than a standard garden hose.

For your more delicate outdoor items, you can attach the fan spray nozzle, a pencil sprayer, or use the low pressure detergent nozzle. All of these spray options can still make quick work of your cleaning duties, but ensure that none of your items suffer damage because of the cleaning process.

As a convenience feature and because of a new design for the AR Blue Clean product line, you also have an onboard detergent tank. This will help you use soap because you will never again have to carry around an extra bottle or bucket of detergent. However, it is recommended that you use only soap that is designed for pressure washers.

This pressure washer is fully electric, which means you will not have to buy gas for it. It is also quieter than most other pressure washers, especially the gas powered kind. The fact that it is quiet, does not mean you sacrifice power. It has a copper wound universal motor with 14 amps.

The dimensions of it are 16.4×37.8×15.2. It is 41.3 pounds, so it is heavier than some other pressure washers that are on the market. However, that could be due to the fact that all attachments are stored on the machine. It could be a sacrifice worth making for some people who would rather not search for attachments and it does have wheels on the back to ensure you do not have to struggle when moving it around.

This unit also comes with a one year bumper to bumper warranty to ensure your satisfaction. The warranty starts the day you purchase it and will cover any potential issue that you may have with the machine.
Unlike other pressure washers, the AR390SS is easy to store when not in use. It has an area for you to roll up the hose onto the machine. The power cord has its area. The wands have their space. When you put it up for the day or for the season, you can put it into a corner and it will never be in the way, even if you only have a small shed to store it in.

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This pressure washer does not waste water or time. It uses only 1.4 gallons of water per minute (GPM) and includes everything a person needs to clean anything outdoors.

The AR390SS has a 35ft power cord and a 30ft water hose on it. This means you will not spend all of your time moving it from one area to the next.

It has a 1 year full warranty and this is further enhanced by a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure you are totally satisfied with your new equipment.

Thanks to the variety of tools on it, you get a variety of cleaning options and water pressure settings so that damaging an item never has to be a concern for you.


According to some users the water hose is somewhat stiff and may not roll out the right way. The directions for assembly are also a little difficult to follow. Both of these issues seem to annoy some current owners, but most people do not have the same issues with it. The people who do have an issue with the hose, still say that overall the machine works great once they get the hose off the reel.

Is The AR390SS Worth Considering?

The fact that this machine is an upgrade over others and that it offers up to 2000 PSI. Most people will be grateful that they invested a little extra. It has onboard attachments that include a high pressure handle and a fan handle, and enough cord and hoses to go anywhere, most people will definitely be happy to own the AR Blue Clean AR390SS. It is also nice to know that you are covered for 90 days to ensure satisfaction and then you are covered against breakage for the rest of the year. This should help people to feel confident in their investment. However, there are features that may annoy some people, such as the hose.

In short, no one will be totally happy with any investment, but if you want cleaning power while using very little water, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Chances are good, you will not be disappointed.

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