AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

A pressure washer allows you to deep clean any wooden, concrete, or vinyl surface with ease. It is designed to make it quick and to remove even the toughest stains from those surfaces.

It is even powerful enough to wash RVs, ATVs, and all other vehicles. There are some who say that none does it better than AR Blue Clean machines and one of the most chosen is the AR390SS because of the amount of power that comes out of its nozzles.

Features of the AR Blue Clean AR390SS

With a cleaning power of 2,000 PSI, it should not surprise anyone that it is ideal for all types of cleaning. It is strong enough to remove ground in dirt from patios, but will not damage wooden surfaces. This is why so many use it for cleaning everything that is outdoors and dirty.

This pressure washer gives you a lot of reach since it comes with a 35ft power cord and a 30ft hose. The hose on this machine is longer than most all other pressure washers available.

It also comes with the professional style washer gun, a washer wand, a 48oz detergent tank, and four different nozzles to give you optimal cleaning potential. Nozzles include green (25), red (0), a turbo nozzle, and the low-pressure spray nozzle for soap.

AR Blue Clean machines are highly rated by most people. They have been around for more than 58 years and though it is an Italian based company that produces them, all products sold in the USA come from Fridley, Minnesota.

They ranked very well in the 2016 electric pressure washer tests by Consumer Reports. They also have a great customer support team that can be reached via email, online chat, or phone. All customer service is US based.

These machines are environmentally friendly. They use 80% less water than a garden hose and still provide up to 45% more power. They are also quiet compared to commercial or gas-powered pressure washers.

This machine is easy to assemble. You simply pull it out of the box, connect the hose to the gun, connect the garden hose, plug it in and pull the trigger. The plug is a GFCI plug that will work with most exterior outlets.

This pressure washer comes with a full 1-year warranty. If something goes wrong, you simply contact AR and they will tell you what steps you need to take to fix the problems you are having.

It is slightly heavier than some machines at 33.55 pounds, but it is still compact at 17 x 38 x 16 inches. This makes it ideal for most uses; especially since it has wheels to ensure it will roll easily.

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Pros of the AR390SS

One purchase includes everything you need to get your pressure washer up and running. There are enough nozzle tips to give you the cleaning power that you want and as soon as you open the box, you can start cleaning.

They are very environmentally friendly. They save you money and provide more power.

They are covered by a full warranty that will cover all parts of it. If you have any issues during the first year of ownership; your warranty will cover it.

It is powerful enough to power through all your dirtiest areas, but remains gentle enough to never damage anything when used properly.

Nozzles snap off quickly. All you have to do is pull back on the brass collar and the tip will pop off. To change it, pull the collar back and slip it back into place to hold the new nozzle.

Cons of the AR390SS

These pressure washers have a rubber hose, which some people are not fond of. They would prefer the heavier duty, steel braided hose, but AR does not provide it.

Some owners feel that you should purchase the longer warranty coverage on it. There are some who have had it break after the first year.

Do Owners Love the AR390SS?

There are some who mention that it leaks around hoses, but this model seems to have fewer issues with it than some other models. Most people love the affordability of it and the power that it has.

They use it for a variety of cleaning projects and say that they never have an issue out of it. Many are also happy they chose the electric power over gasoline powered.

Their biggest complaint is that the hose is a little too stiff. They say that the hose tends to coil up rather than pull straight like they want it to.

Our Thoughts on the AR Blue Clean AR390SS

We feel that the AR brand of pressure washers are always machines that are worth considering. We especially like the 2,000 PSI that the AR390SS provides.

We feel that it has ample power to clean everything that you need to clean and even the negative comments about it do not mean that it cannot be a good machine for your home.

Overall, we feel it is worthy of considering.

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