Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 Review

Note: This product has been discontinued by manufacturer.

Being located in an area that is affected by different weather almost every month will really result to a hard time cleaning outdoors. If you have a concrete backyard or outdoor tiles laid out on it, you know very well how difficult it is to clean those tar and stains on your flooring. You may even get all sorts of dirt or grime on your wooden planks outside or on your patio. Don’t you think how great it would be to see all those grease and soot cleaned away without the charged from commercial cleaning services? Now, cleaning outdoors is time and money saving and you can do it yourself with the use of the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer.

If you think that cleaning is such a hard task to do and getting commercial cleaning service is just a waste of your money, then getting your own electric pressure water will help you get the job done. Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 gives you the ability to scrape away just about any dirt that you can think of that my be sticking on your outdoor concrete, house sidings, patio and even the mud on your car or truck.

Product Detail

This electric pressure washer is the most efficient way of cleaning because it comes with a 120-volt and 14-amp universal motor that will blast water to clean any surface. Since it is electric powered, you are assured that there’s no smoke emission that can cause health and environment issue. You have the option to add a detergent or cleansing solution inside the tank for your cleaning needs. The tank can accommodate up to 1.5 liters of high-pressure water solution so you will not go empty easily while cleaning.

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Technical Detail

  • The electric pressure washer only weighs 32 pounds
  • It has a dimension of 15.5 x 16 x 35 inches when completely assembled
  • It comes with an on-board hose reel for easier storage of the cable when not in use
  • It is equipped with an adjustable nozzle which you can configure from 0º to 60º
  • It has a Start/Stop system that automatically stops the pump when trigger is disengaged, this feature also prolongs the pumps life and reduces noises
  • It comes with a swivel adapter to easily attach garden hoses
  • A 1.5 liter tank is integrated to the equipment that can be filled with detergent solution
  • It has a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


The Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 is electric powered and doesn’t emit any smoke that could cause health issue during the span of using it. It is fully equipped with a tank that can take in up to 1.5 liters of detergent solution or water. It is very durable and its automatic Start/Stop system helps prolong the pumps motor life by disabling the equipment when the trigger is disengaged. Such feature helps the pump in making less noise to zero. You have variable pressure to configure with depending on your cleaning needs. With the help of the different pressure configuration, you can clean just about any surface. The washer can even clean surfaces even without a cleansing agent depending on the amount of dirt and the length of time it has been stuck.


The weight and the dimension of the machine may be too heavy and too big for mobility but its rear wheel that will enable you to move and maneuver it anywhere with ease compensates this. The assembling part of this piece of device may be a little hard for starters but can be easily put together with the help of the quick reference guide that will come with it out of the box. The 20-foot water hose and 35-foot power cable may be too long for your needs but you can tidy it up with the equipped spindle for the cords.

Who Can Use It

Anybody who wants to have a clean backyard without paying the extra cash for cleaning services can use this equipment. People who don’t have any pressure washing experience will not have a hard time operating this piece of equipment because it is easy to use. Aide from cleaning houses and outdoors, if you are a person who keeps on traveling you would definitely is in need of this piece of device. This can clean your car or truck without you having to go to a car wash to have your travel buddy shiny again. You can do the cleaning of your automobile yourself. People who values their time very much can also benefit from this electric pressure washer because it will not eat up a lot of your time just to clean something. If your house has outdoor furniture and equipment, this device will help you keep them clean and even prolong their usability and durability.

Why Should You Buy It?

Most of us are always on a tight budget and as much as possible we don’t want to shell out money for having our cars cleaned or our backyard cleaned by professional cleaning services. We can save a lot by the usage of a electric pressure washer because we don’t have to hire people for cleaning services and it will only take a few of your time to get the cleaning done.

The equipment will serve you for many years whereas getting service will cost you hundreds for a one-time-deal. Having to clean your patio or backyard on your own is a difficult task to do. It would probably take hours and a lot of your strength and effort just to have everything free from dirt. With the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 you can forget about all the hard work you may undergo since it can easily remove any kind of stain or dirt on the surface of your floor, sidings or car. With the assurance of a 1-year limited warranty, you can be confident that the machine is free from defects. If you do encounter any problems at all, you could always claim for your warranty.

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