GreenWorks GPW1702 Review

GreenWorks is a company that proudly states that they provide the Lawn Tools for Life. Their products do not eliminate emissions that may harm the environment and offer a lot of tools that are electric.

They promise to provide customer service to anyone and welcome comments on their Facebook page, even if the comments are slightly negative. Perhaps it is why so many people have fallen in love with their products, especially the GreenWorks GPW1702 pressure washer.

GreenWorks GPW1702 Features

This pressure washer is ideal for all cleaning jobs since it offers 1700 PSI. At this PSI, it is powerful enough to clean, but not so powerful that it will damage delicate things that you feel need to be washed thoroughly.

In the event that it cannot get the job done or you feel that the grime is going to need more help, you can purchase the pressure washer along with a surface cleaner, turbo nozzle, or a high-pressure soap applicator.

This unit uses only 1.2 GPM, even if you are using it as a cleaner using vertical or horizontal motions and the largest tip available. The two tips that are included beyond the zero are the 25 and 40-degree tips. They are designed to quick connect and work very well.

It gives you reach so that you can further get into those hard to reach places. It has a 25ft hose and a 35ft power cord. It is designed to work with all exterior outlets thanks to the inline GFCI prongs.

If you need a little more cleaning power; you can apply soap using the soap applicator. This will put a layer of soap detergent over any surface and then you can use the pressure washer to rinse away soap and dirt. It is all possible thanks to a 13amp universal motor that is fully water resistant.

This machine is very portable. It has wheels and a handle, all accessories fit on the unit, and it only weighs in at 25 pounds. It is compact enough to fit inside a small storage area and measures 11.22 x 24.02 x 13.9 inches.

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Pros of the GPW1702

1700 PSI means that you can use this one machine for cleaning light cleaning projects and more. There are attachments that you can also purchase, but most people say that you will not need them.

It is good for the environment since it does not use much water. This is great news for people who want to have a clean patio, but live in an area where drought may be an issue.

It comes with everything that you need to get your cleaning project started. There are three nozzle sizes, a soap dispenser, and long reach hoses.

The hose and power cord length will make it easy for you to go around your home or your vehicle to clean it. It also ensures that you do not have to spend all of your day moving the machine around to clean a large deck or pool area effectively.

Cons of the GPW1702

This unit is designed for use with cold water. In situations where you need to remove tree sap, it may not be effective without first softening the sap with heat.

Owner’s Thoughts on the GreenWorks GPW1702

There are many people who say that this is a great unit to own if you want to clean up around the home. They say that it effectively cleans up, no matter how much dirt and grime is on the surface areas of your home.

They love the long hose because it allows them to reach even the highest parts of their home. However, they admit to using it to clean driveways and oil spots as well as deeply soiled decks. They use it to remove old chipped paint and more.

There are some people who have had issues with it not running properly. Some people used it in the summer and then couldn’t get it to work the following spring. This could be because the machine froze up, but no one knows since usually, it is after the year warranty is up when they realize the issue.

Customer support often replies to the negative comments like this and encourages people to give them a call.

Is the GreenWorks GPW1702 Worth Considering?

Overall, for the price and the quality of GreenWorks products; we feel that you should consider this machine. Most people will be completely satisfied with the results that it will provide.

There are some issues and if you do not take care of it before the winter, it may not work. This is no different than other pressure washers. They all need to be winterized if you want to protect them; especially if you live in an area that stays cold for long periods of time.

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