Karcher K 2.300 Review

Have you noticed that when it is time to handle spring cleaning outside of your home, a water hose may help, but it does not clean the toughest grime? Often, pollen and stuck-on dust, mildew, and other outdoor issues need more than what a simple water hose can provide. Tough messes like this need a powerful pressure washing. Is the Karcher K 2.300 pressure washer good enough to cut out the mess? Read our review to find out.

Features of the Karcher K 2.300

Karcher promises to get things cleaner, quicker than other pressure washing machines. The Karcher K 2.300 provides you with 1600psi. This makes it less powerful than some pressure washers, but still able to handle some pretty tough jobs.

It comes with a Dirt Blaster spray wand that can supposedly boost its cleaning power by up to 80% without wasting more water. This pressure washer uses only 1.25 GPM (gallons per minute) regardless of what you are cleaning. So, even though you are cleaning your patio, walkway, and vehicles, you do not have to worry about running up your water bill.

The Vario power wand, which is also included, gives you the option to mix detergent along with the high pressure spray. This gives you an added, secret weapon, for achieving the ultimate clean outside because it allows you to use heavy duty cleaners on that grease spot that somehow ends up underneath your vehicle.

It is designed with your comfort in mind. It has a higher handle than most pressure washer, easy rolling wheels, and an ergonomically designed trigger. This pressure washer is also much lighter than most others coming in at only 9.7 pounds.

Inside the pressure washer you have a high output universal motor and the Karcher’s patented non-corrosive pump. Together, these two will work quietly while providing all of the water pressure that you could ask for. However, there is a safety valve built in to ensure that you do not experience a pressure overload. It also has a water inlet filter that will keep dirt particles from being pulled inside where it may damage the pump. It meets both the CSA and the UL safety listing requirements.

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One thing that does make the Karcher K 2.300 unique among other pressure washers is its ability to siphon water. It is totally self-priming which means that it can draw water from a collected water source or standing water. In essence, you could use your swimming pool’s water to clean the area around your pool.

This fully electric pressure washer provides you with a 35 ft long power cord. When combined with the 25 ft long hose and one of the wands, you will have the ability to reach anywhere you could possibly need to reach.

You get a one year limited warranty to protect your investment. This warranty covers any problems that may come up due to a manufacturer defect, a faulty motor, or pump. It is also backed by a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee so that you can buy with confidence. If you are not totally satisfied, you simply return it and try something new.

When it is time to put away your pressure washer, it has a large cable hook and on-board accessory storage. This means it will not take up too much space in your shed because the entire unit is self-contained. When you need to bring it out to clean another area later on, you can enjoy using the quick connect system that is on all of the hose connections. You simply have to push and they will click into place.

Is the Karcher K 2.300 Easy to Use?

This pressure washer is designed to be useful for a variety of small cleaning jobs where you may need more than a little soap and water and most people who have purchased it are very happy with what it can do. It comes with two wands, one which allows you to combine soap and water and the other one provides extra pressure. Both of these wands give you the ability to adjust the spray amount from stream to high pressured mist. This means you can wash your car or bicycle with a pressurized mist that will not damage the paint or narrow down the spray to really pound the dirt off of bricks and cement.

One thing that some people may find annoying is that there is no tank on the Karcher K 2.300 for you to pour soap into. To use the soap you will have to use the small tube which is located on the bottom of the pressure washer. You place the end of the tube into a bucket or a bottle of soap and from there it will siphon the soap in and mix it with the water. This is a major issue for some owners who feel that it is bothersome to try and move the bottle of soap along with the pressure washer, from one area to the next. So, if you want to be able to use soap on a lot of different things, you may want to find a pressure washer that offers an on-board soap container and dispenser.

Is It the Right Pressure Washer for You?

In most cases, the Karcher K 2.300 will work great for a variety of cleaning chores. It provides powerful cleaning action when you need it and a gentle spray when you are dealing with more delicate items, but still need more power than a simple water hose. It also uses less water per minute than your regular garden hose, which is great for anyone who wants to preserve water. However, in situations where you need heavy duty cleaning with soap, this pressure washer may not be right for you. There is also the fact that it is electric powered instead of gas powered, which is a problem for people who may not have a power supply near the fence that they want to clean. In short, it is a light duty powerful cleaning system, but it may not be right for everyone.

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