Karcher K5 Review

The best thing about a pressure washer is its ability to deep clean virtually any surface so that your chores outside do not take as long to achieve. The K5 by Karcher is one that promises to take your cleaning ability to the next level.

It is one that promises to be a premium electric pressure washer and so far, most people seem to agree. The question is; will it do all that you need it to do?

Features of the Karcher K5

The K5 by Karcher will get things cleaner quicker with less than 2,000 PSI. This pressure washer comes with a Dirt Blaster spray wand to tackle the hardest jobs you will ever put in front of it.

The other wand is a Vario Power Spray wand that allows you to easily adjust the spray setting depending on the job that you have to take on.

This powerful machine does not waste water. It uses only 1.4 GPM. However, it still provides up to 40 times more cleaning power than a standard garden hose.

It also does not waste power and comes with a motor that will last up to 5 times longer than most. This is because of the patented water-cooled induction motor that it uses, which means it can stand up to a lot of use by its owners.

The N-COR pump is durable and non-corrosive. It will never require you to perform maintenance on it.

On-board features include a hose reel, the two spray nozzles, and a detergent tank. This ensures you have everything you need to get your “honey dos” done before the weekend is over. The hose reel ensures that you do not have to deal with a tangled 25ft hose.

This machine is easy to move around. It has large 7.7in high impact wheels and a tall handle that makes it easy for most people to move. It weighs in at 32 pounds and measures 16.77 x 13.07 x 34.33 inches. This does mean it is larger than some pressure washers available, but overall, most people do not seem to mind the larger size.

If your pressure washer gives you any issues during the first two years, it is covered by a Rapid Exchange Program that will provide you with a quick, free replacement washer. You are promised no hassles and no headaches.

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Pros of the Karcher K5

The K5 has an impressive warranty that covers the first two years. During that time, if it breaks; it is replaced quickly.

It is ideal for the toughest cleaning tasks. If you need a little pressure, you use the adjustable wand. If the area is heavily soiled, you can blast it away with the Dirt Blaster wand.

This unit comes with everything you need to get the job done. You do not have to worry about purchasing accessories to make it perform the way you want it to.

Cons of the Karcher K5

You should not use this unit with an extension cord. However, the power cord that is on the machine should be adequate for most people.

The weight is a little heavy for some people, but the wheels seem to even it out. There is a good balance between weight and maneuverability.

Owner Opinions of the K5

There are people who complain that it doesn’t perform as well as other, higher priced machines, but for the price that you will pay for it; it’s a worthy sacrifice for most. The majority of owners say that they love using it. They enjoy the low GPM that it uses and how quickly it can clean off dirty, stained driveways and mildew off siding.

There are people who have had issues with the way that their pressure washer works, but most all of them are still well within the warranty period. This means they could get a replacement if they wanted it.

Is the Karcher K5 Worth It?

This pressure washer is a little higher priced than some of the others on the market. In our opinion, the little extra cost is definitely worth it for the quality that you will find with the K5.

We love that it comes with two sprayers rather than a bunch of different tips. We like that it is a single unit that does not require a lot of extra accessory purchases.

Overall, we think it is a great machine that can handle the workload that you may need it to handle, regardless of what you are cleaning.

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