Powerhouse International Force 2000 Review

The Force 2000 is a pressure washer from Powerhouse International. It is an impressive looking machine, but many people wonder if it is as powerful as it appears to be.

To find out for yourself, you have only to look at the features of this “total” cleaning system.

Features of The Force 2000

This extreme pressure washing machine provides you with 2,000 PSI and a flow rate of only 1.6 GPM. It is an electric-powered machine that comes with virtually everything that you could possibly want it to have including features that will prolong the lifespan of its brush motor.

For instance, it is equipped with the Total Stop System (TSS) and has a thermal sensor to protect the machine from overheating. The TSS kicks in when the trigger is released, which is also a safety feature.

Other accessories that come with your purchase of The Force 2000 include a spinning patio cleaner, a turbo wand, a multifunction nozzle, an integrated hose reel with a foldable hand crank so that it doesn’t get in your way, and an adjustable soap/foam dispenser.

This machine’s power cord is 30ft long and the plug is a CFCI which ensures that you can use it safely.

The working pressure of this machine will vary between 1800-2000 PSI. However, it does have an initial power burst of up to 3000 PSI. The IPB only lasts for a short time and will not get you through a lot of heavy duty cleaning, but it is noteworthy since you need to prepare for it. This means holding it back away from areas that may sustain damage.

Powerhouse International proves a one-year warranty with a full replacement promise if your product is damaged during shipping or defective within the first 30 days of ownership. For the remainder of the year, you are guaranteed free repair with parts and labor included. However, you do need to live within the US to take full advantage of the warranty coverage.

This machine measures in at 33 x 11 x 12 inches. It weighs only 23.8 pounds. It is lightweight and portable enough that you can take it anywhere you need to go.

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Pros of the Force 2000

It comes with all of the attachments that you could possibly need with a pressure washer and safety features that will protect both you and the machine.

It has a long power cord that can reach up to 30ft from the power outlet.

The Powerhouse International warranty covers virtually everything for the first year. During the first 30 days, it covers a free replacement machine and after that, you get free repairs for all defects.

It is compact and lightweight enough to be usable in any situation. Storage is also easy because of its upright build.

Cons of the Force 2000

This pressure washer offers a lot of power, but it does dissipate into a mist quickly according to some owners. They state that after 14ft, the water pressure is gone and therefore it is not ideal for cleaning second story windows.

The sudden burst of power upon startup could damage some areas if you are not careful to hold the pressure washer a foot or so away from the surface area. This is something that could easily be forgotten by some people.

Warranty coverage is only available in the US.

What Owners are Saying

Most owners are impressed by every aspect of this pressure washer. Most say that it is very easy to operate and they love the price. They enjoy having access to all the accessories with their initial purchase.

The people who have dealt with customer service because of an issue, no matter how big or small, say that they were greeted with friendliness and that their issues were handled effectively.

The downside is; there are people who give it negative reviews because of issues that they did not handle upon first noticing them, which would have been well before the one-year mark.

For instance, at least one of owners says that they used it several times over a year and a half, but noticed issues sooner. Now the machine doesn’t start up and they blame Powerhouse International.

Our Opinion of the Force 2000

The main thing we have to say about this pressure washer is that we do not feel you could go wrong by purchasing it. It is affordably priced and offers a lot of accessories so that you do not have to worry about what other things you will need to buy for it.

We are somewhat disappointed that the pressure fades to a mist fairly fast, but at the same time, we feel that it still offers ample power to get most areas clean.

Overall, we love it and think that you will as well.

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