Sun Joe SPX2000 Review

Sun Joe has a variety of popular selling pressure washers. They are all designed to make cleaning your outdoor area easier to handle. The Sun Joe SPX2000 is a little more powerful than the Sun Joe SPX1000. This means it also costs a little more. However, is it worth the added money to have a little more power?

Features of the SPX2000

This electric pressure washer comes with a 12.5 amp/1500 watt motor and provides up to 1740 PSI. This means that it is able to handle even the dirtiest driveways and pollen coated areas.

It has an adjustable spray nozzle to ensure that you will always have the right amount of water pressure for the task at hand. You can make it more of a stream for truly dirty areas or you can turn it down to a stream that fans out if you have more delicate items. You can have the water fan out for up to 45 degrees.

The SPX2000 has an on-board detergent tank so that you can add soap and make cleaning easier. The tank is 0.9 L, which is not very large, but sufficient for most cleaning projects.

It also comes with a female coupler to make hooking up to your garden hose easier. Moving it around from one area to the next is also easy because of the fact that it weighs only 17.4 pounds and has two wheels on the back of the unit.

It has a built in safety feature that is called the trigger lock-off switch. It features total stop system technology. There is also an on and off switch.

All Sun Joe pressure washers are backed by a full two year warranty and they are CSA listed. This gives potential owners the ability to know they are not just throwing their money away.

This pressure washer has a 35ft power cord along with a 20ft water hose to give you plenty of reach. The included, fully adjustable power wand adds another 3 feet to it.

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The Good

The SPX2000 is lightweight. It is easy to move around and use. You have plenty of power cord and water hose on it to take it wherever you need to go, even up a ladder to clean the second story of your home.

It provides plenty of water pressure to handle even the toughest cleaning projects, but it still remains gentle enough to not damage wooden areas. Some pressure washers available on the market are too strong when you put them at maximum pressure. You will not have to worry about it with this pressure washer. You simply get to enjoy turning something dirty into something great.

The price is reasonable and is a value according to most people. Admittedly, it is not as powerful as other pressure washers that are available, but in general, having 1740 PSI is more than enough power to clean most things.

Obviously, the warranty is good. Most people feel more secure if they have a warranty backing the product they are buying. A two year warranty for all parts is definitely a bonus when it comes to this pressure washer.

The Bad

The instructions for assembly are a little tough to follow for many people. The water hose is made of plastic, which some people do feel is annoying and unreliable. There are people who feel that it is difficult to adjust the pressure washer nozzle from steady stream to fanning out. As with other products, most people are content with the way this pressure washer works, but it is not a great solution for everyone.

Why Pay More for This Sun Joe Pressure Washer?

There are other, cheaper options in the Sun Joe product line of pressure washers, but with this one machine you get more power. The Sun Joe SPX1000 is great for light duty cleaning. It offers easy maneuverability, the same as this one does and it is a little lighter in weight. They are both made of plastic to keep them lightweight, they both have hoses that some people consider a problem, and both have people who swear they are great while others hate them. The major difference is that the PSI on the SPX1000 is 1400. This means it is designed for light cleaning tasks.

Is It Worth It?

As with all things, the value of a product will depend on what you want from it. If you want a cost effective, powerful cleaning system, then the Sun Joe SPX2000 pressure washer will be ideal. If you want a pressure washer that can provide tons of water pressure and potentially cause damage to any surface area, then you may want to consider other options.

If you want a pressure washer that you can rely on for 20 years, you may not want a plastic built one. If you are content to buy one that should work for a few years and then need replacing, you will most likely be 100% satisfied. Overall, as far as a budget pressure washer, most people agree that you will not find a better option.

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