WEN PW20 Review

Quality does not always have to come with a large price tag. There are a lot of people who want a pressure washer that is dependable, powerful, and affordable.

WEN promises to meet all three of those needs and then some. Is it the right option for you? Find out with our WEN PW20 review.

Features of the WEN PW20

This pressure washer provides up to 2030 PSI using only 1.76 GPM. This means that it uses more water than some pressure washers, but provides more water pressure. It also has a large motor at 14.5 amps. It does have a variable flow nozzle so that you can easily adjust the PSI and the spray width.

It has 6 inch ‘never-flat’ wheels so you can put it where you need it. It is also lightweight at only 17 pounds. It is also very compact so that storing it is very simple. It measures in at only 31.7 x 12.1 x 14.2 inches.

This machine has an onboard soap tank that can hold up to 30oz of detergent to give you, even more, cleaning power on those tough stains. It can clean heavily soiled areas, whether you are removing oil from your driveway or pollen from your deck.

It also has a lot of reach with its 20ft reinforced hose and 36ft power cord. You should be able to take it around your yard and put it where you need it.

WEN pressure washers come with a full two-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all possible manufacturer defects.

In the event you have issues, you can easily contact a friendly customer support team and gain access to a nationwide network of skilled service technicians who will do their best to make things right for you.

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Pros of the WEN PW20

A lot of reach and a lot of power will be within the palm of your hand when you pick up the WEN PW20. This comes from a long hose and power cord along with a PSI of 2030.

It is a lightweight pressure washer that weighs in at 17 pounds. This is much lighter than many other brand names.

This machine is backed by an impressive two-year warranty to help you buy with confidence. If you have issues, the manufacturer will do their best to make you happy.

Cons of the WEN PW20

This pressure washer does require oil, but does not come with oil in it. You should remember to fill it before you turn it on the first time to avoid damage.

Different tips are not included with your purchase.

Our Thoughts on the WEN PW20

Most owners say that they are pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of the machine. They say that it works great for them and does everything that they want it to do. They love that it is an affordable unit that has such a high PSI.

They all agree that it is a solidly built machine that will be able to meet their expectations for many years to come, perhaps more so because it is electric and not gas.

However, as with most things, some people are not happy with their purchase. There are a few who noticed issues when they took it out of the box. At least one person forgot to put oil into the unit and the motor began knocking loudly.

Should You Consider the PW20?

Overall, we are impressed by the quality of WEN pressure washers. They are solid, lightweight machines that pack a powerful punch. We love the price and the PSI.

The warranty coverage is fair since it gives you time to use it and test it out, even after winter comes and goes, which is when a lot of pressure washers start to develop issues.

In short, if you want to clean a variety of things and feel confident in your machine’s ability to get them clean, the WEN PW20 should be ideal for you.

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