AR Blue Clean AR112 Review

No one wants to spend their weekends cleaning all those areas that seem to get neglected. Especially when those areas are outside of our home. However, chances are good, that deck you built a few years back is not as pretty now as it used to be and truth be told, the siding on your home is probably much darker now than it was, as well. If you are tired of putting off doing these chores, maybe it is time to find a better way of dealing with it. Perhaps one that will not waste your weekend. This is where a pressure washer like the AR Blue Clean AR112 comes in. It is powerful enough to handle most weekend cleaning projects in half the time, but is it what you need or should you try to go for more power?

The Features that Matter

When it comes to pressure washers, a lot of people feel that the more power, the better it cleans. It is true. However, for simple cleaning projects that you want to get done quickly, this pressure washer will come in handy. It offers 1600 PSI and uses only 1.58 GPM. The 1600 PSI is the amount of pressure that it can put behind a stream of water. The GPM means that it will not waste water while getting the job done.

There is an automatic safety valve built in. This feature works as a pressure shut off at the pump head to protect the pressure washer from damage. This pump is a three axial-piston wobble-plate pump and the AR112 also has tempered stainless steel plungers.

The AR Blue Clean AR112 is relatively lightweight at 18.2 pounds. However, you will not have to spend all of your time moving it around from one area to the next because it has a 30 ft power cord and a 20 ft hose.

The trigger is a gun wand that has a fully adjustable spray head. There is also a detergent tank, water filter, high pressure hose, and a detergent injector kit included.

It is easy to assemble. There are very few things that you must put together with this machine and it is all pretty straightforward.

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The Good

The 1600 PSI should be enough cleaning power to eliminate the dirt stains on the outside of your home with very little effort from you. The adjustable spray means that you can use it anywhere that you feel needs to be cleaned. If you want to use it to wash your vehicle, you will not have to worry about peeling off the paint.

However, it can take the worn paint off of wooden structures when you use the highest pressure, pin point spray setting. You can use it to wash off your bicycle using the lower fan spray setting and you will not have to worry about knocking over your bike. There is enough cord and hose for you to clean the second story exterior of your house. Overall, it is just a good little pressure washer that most people enjoy using, because it is easy and quiet.

The Bad

Some current owners do suggest that you use a cleaning solution to ensure that the pressure washer does clean up the area properly. They say that it is best suited for lighter cleaning projects because it is not powerful enough to clean heavily soiled areas.

The Verdict Is…

The AR Blue Clean AR112 is not a powerhouse of cleaning ability. It does have its limitations. If you want a pressure washer that is more able to handle oil spots on your driveway or extremely dirty areas, you may be more likely to enjoy the AR Blue Clean S Series pressure washers. They have more power, more attachments, and on-board storage for them.

If you simply want to make the exterior of your home look better than it does now and you would rather not spend your weekends cleaning, this pressure washer should be enough to keep you happy. It depends on what you want and what you need for your pressure washer to be able to do. For the most part, people will continue to give the AR112 more of the high ratings and less of the bad ones.

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