Powerhouse Force 1800 Review

Powerhouse International creates products for outdoors that make cleaning up the yard easier than ever. One of their most impressive products though is their pressure washers.

One style that is definitely causing a lot of cleaner yards is The Force 1800. Could it get your outdoors cleaner with it? Check out some of the amazing features it provides to find out.

The Force 1800 Features

Unlike most pressure washers, this one is unique in the fact that it is not an upright machine. It is designed to be pulled behind you. This allows it to move more freely without tipping over.

It is also very easy to pull since it weighs in at only 17 pounds. It measures 10 x 10 x 16, which makes it very easy to store during the winter months or in your shed, especially since all accessories have their place onboard so you do not have to worry about misplacing parts.

The Force offers 1800 PSI using only 1.6 GPM. However, there may be slight variations in the PSI since it will range from 1600-1800 when working and may go as high as 2600 PSI on initial startup.

All of these things ensure that it is powerful enough to handle most cleaning jobs and does not waste a lot of water while doing it.

To further prove that it is capable of cleaning well, it comes with several accessories that you will love. They include a 20ft quick connect hose, three nozzles, a nylon brush, and a soap dispenser.

The motor of this machine is protected in all ways from potential damage. It uses the TSS (Total Stop System) so that when you release the trigger, it shuts off immediately. It also has a brush motor with a thermal sensor which will protect the motor from possible overheating when you are putting it through a lot of work.

For the first 30 days of ownership, if you have any issues with this pressure washer, you will be eligible for a complete refund.

After that period, you can get free repairs for the remainder of one year. The year covers all parts and labor and means that you will never be charged for a possible manufacturing defect.

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The Force 1800 is a pull behind pressure washer. This means that it will not tip over as easily as some pressure washers because of its lower profile.

It offers up to 1800 PSI when you are cleaning all the projects around your home and it does not use a very large amount of water. This is good for the environment and your cleaning projects.

The motor is protected from possible damages. It will not run hot or run when the trigger is released. These features are also good for your safety.

If you have manufacturing defects, your purchase will be protected by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This is great news, especially considering how affordable it is to purchase.


The Force 1800 does not use standard-sized fittings so you cannot take accessories off another pressure washer and use them with The Force.

There are no extension hoses available for this pressure washer. This means you will only get 20ft of hose.

Owner’s Opinion of The Force 1800

People admit that it is a great product for the money and those who have contacted customer support for questions or concerns say that they are unbeatable. They say that it arrived quickly after ordering it and was very easy to assemble.

There are people who say that it meets or exceeds all their expectations as far as cleaning quality goes. However, since not all products are able to meet all people’s needs, there are some who say that it does not have the pressure that they want it to have. There are also other issues that people have had with it, but most are covered by the warranty coverage.

Our Opinion of The Force 1800

This pressure washer is very affordable for all that you will receive with it. It has accessories to help you get the job done and ensures that you do not have to start purchasing more as soon as you get it to your house.

We like that the customer support team are easily accessible and friendly. Overall, we feel that if you are looking for a pressure washer then The Force 1800 by Powerhouse International would be a good one for you to consider.

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