Goplus 3000 PSI Review

A lot of times, you purchase a pressure washer and then realize that you need attachments to go along with it if you want it to clean all those areas that need scrubbing or they require you to spend a small fortune to get it all in one package deal. The Goplus 3000 PSI is different.

It includes everything you could possibly need at a fraction of the cost that other pressure washers cost. The question then becomes, is it a quality machine that you can depend on? Our full Goplus 3000 PIS review may hold the answers you have been searching for.

Features of the Goplus 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

This pressure washer promises to be very powerful. It has a 2,000-watt motor that can generate up to 3,000 PSI when using the turbo wand. When using the other wand or a low-pressure setting, you can expect it to maintain 1450 PSI. It uses a max flow rate of 2 GPM and still manages to get the toughest stains out, even when using the minimum flow rate of 1.58 GPM.

It comes with interchangeable nozzles so that you can wash various surfaces including wood, concrete, and metals. This means you can use it on vehicles, driveways, decks, and much more. These nozzles offer both high and low pressures, but if you still need more cleaning power; you will also get a turbo wand.

This pressure washer is easy to work with. It is easy to set up and use. The pieces attach easily using quick connect connectors and you can change them out with one another effortlessly. It is also lightweight at 26.8 pounds and features large wheels to help you get it where you need it the most. It is also compact in design. As proof, it measures in at only 13.3 x 14.4 x 35.1 inches.

Included with your purchase you will receive the pressure washer, two water hoses, a deck scrubber, a scrubbing brush, and the turbo wand. You can also choose whether you want a red or a blue set.

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The Goplus 3000 PSI is easy to use and easy to set up with its quick connect connections. As soon as you open the box, you will be ready to start washing within moments.

It offers up to 3,000 PSI which is very impressive. It has a higher PSI than most electric pressure washers (compare 2000 PSI pressure washers).

It comes with everything you need. There is a deck brush, a fixed scrubbing brush, and a turbo turbo wand to give you the power to clean everything you own with ease.

This machine is easy to move from one area to another. It has a stable base and two large wheels to help you get over everything in your yard.


Some people do have issues attaching a hose to pressure washer. This is mostly because they are trying to use a different hose. The hose you need is more similar to a washing machine hose than a garden hose, but you can use a male/male adapter to get it so you can use your garden hose.

Owner’s Opinion of the Goplus 3000 PSI

Overall, this machine is being enjoyed by most all owners. They all seem to agree that the hose connections could be better, but it works great beyond that. They say that it runs smoothly and never seems to strain, even if you spend an entire day using it.

They have used it to clean a variety of things and have no issues with its power. In fact, most all owners agree that it has more than enough power for their needs. They also like that it is easy to assemble when you first bring it home and how quick the quick connect connections allow you to switch out accessories.

Is the Goplus 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Worth Considering?

This is a relatively new pressure washer, but we have nothing bad to say about it other than the water hose connection could be a little easier to work with. It has more than enough power to clean off nasty stains and caked on mud. It can also remove bug gunk and road tar off vehicles to help you keep your vehicle looking like new.

The attachments that come with it do everything that they are supposed to do and in the end, we love that our wooden and concrete areas are clean again. If you consider the price and the overall performance, we say it may not be perfect, but it is very close.

Therefore, we say if you want an affordable cleaning device, this is worthy of consideration.

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