Best Electric Pressure Washer Wands and Extensions

A lot of people purchase a pressure washer and then feel a little disappointed by the fact that it will not reach all of those “hard to reach” areas of their home. For instance, perhaps you purchased a 2000 psi electric pressure washer feeling that you could wash the pollen off your home, and then you realized that it wasn’t quite strong enough to reach the second story. This does not mean that you need a new pressure washer. It simply means that you may want to upgrade your wand.


What to Look For in a Pressure Washer Wand

One of the most important things you need to look for in a wand is how much it weighs. An extension wand is designed to help you reach areas that you would not normally be able to clean with a standard wand. This could easily mean that you spend a lot of time holding it above your head, spraying high up areas of your home. You would not want to have to hold something that was heavy in that position. Along with this, maneuverability should also be a primary consideration.

How easy it extends and how easily you can control the spray settings should also be something you learn about before you purchase. Most pressure washer wands and extensions are easy to use. They connect easily, they adjust with a slight twist in one direction or the other, and in some cases you may also want to consider having a wand that can have other attachments added to it, such as a gutter cleaning kit.

The type of material it is made of should be considered. If you have a hot water pressure washer or you use a lot of detergent, you may want a stainless steel wand. If you purchase a telescoping wand, most are going to be made of aluminum. The standard, cold water pressure washer wands are made with a variety of materials and work fine.

Choosing the Right Type of Wand

You need to choose a wand that works for your pressure washer. This is not always easy considering there are such a large variety of wands, extensions, and pressure washers. If you have an electric pressure washer that is rated for 1600 psi, a gas pressure washer wand that is rated for 4000 psi may not be the upgrade you are looking for. In this case, you may want to look for an extension wand that is designed for the pressure washer you own, such as a wand that the manufacturer of your pressure washer recommends. A lot of pressure washers use only the wands that hook up or connect using a specific connection style. At any rate, it is always important to check with the manufacturer before you purchase an extension wand.

Beyond that, you will discover that there are wands that telescope out to reach even higher, there are foam lances for use with detergents, wands that have a pivoting nozzle, and wands that are designed to clean a flat surface. Each of these different wand types are great for cleaning certain things. Before you purchase, you should have some idea of the job you want for it to be able to do.

The Best Electric Pressure Washer Wands and Extensions

In order to gain a better understanding of what pressure washer wand you may be looking for, it may be easier to narrow down your selection based on what other people use. It is here that you will find out what materials they are made from, how brand specific they are, and how easy they are to work with. With any luck at all, even if this does not show you the exact wand you want, you will find the one that would work the way you want for it to.

Powerfit PF31011A Extension Wand


With this extension wand, you get 36 extra inches to work with. All you have to do is put it between the trigger handle and the wand that you use normally by using the quick connect coupler set which converts most threaded trigger handles. It is designed for gas pressure washer and helps you to reach further than you normally can.

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Karcher Vario Power Spray Wand

This wand is designed to work easily with Karcher electric pressure washers. It allows you to easily switch from a low to a high pressure wash while you are cleaning. You simply have to adjust the variable pressure adjustment. To make your life easier, it can also dispense detergent automatically, if you select the lowest pressure setting.


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Powerfit PF31050B Pole Kit


This wand extension is designed for gas and electric pressure washers up to 3000psi. It is a wand that can reach up to 16 feet away from where you may be standing. It features a 3/8 quick connect coupler which allows you to easily attach and remove the extension. If your pressure washer does not have the 3/8 coupler, you can purchase adaptors that may make it fit. It also has an on board detergent tank, which is enjoyable for many people who may not have a tank on their pressure washer. It weighs 6.5 pounds. Some people feel this is a little heavy, but most say that during times when you do not need the full length of the wand, you can take the middle section out to make it slightly lighter.

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Karcher Right Angle Wand


This wand is designed to work with electric pressure washers that are made by Karcher and have up to 2300psi. It has an angled underbody so that you can use it to clean your gutters. However, this angled spray lance is also great for cleaning tire walls and other odd areas around your house that may need to be cleaned. The wand is 30 inches long when assembled and weighs only 1.8 pounds. At only 30 inches, this wand may not give you the reach that you want, but the angled end does add convenience.

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AR Blue Clean PW909100K


This is a universal electric power washer replacement kit produced by AR North America. It provides a hose, a detergent bottle, a turbo nozzle, a lance, and a replacement gun. It is designed for only electric pressure washers that use cold water. This kit will not give you an extra-long extension, but if you have a faulty wand on your pressure washer it could be the easiest way to replace it and most people who have purchased the kit love it and say that it works better than the original wand.

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Apache 99023802


This pressure washer wand is usable for any pressure washer, gas or electric, that is less than 4000psi. It should not be used by pressure washers that use more than 7 GPM. It is a 19 inch wand that has a 1/4” quick disconnect. With it, you will get five color coded spray nozzle tips that give you between 0 and 65 degree spray patterns. There is also a safety trigger to prevent your new wand from being accidentally used. It weighs one pound.

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Karcher Electric Pressure Washer 4 Piece Extension


This spray wand is divided up into 4 sections to reach up to 66 inches when fully assembled. These sections are made of aluminum and it gives you the option to clean windows and other areas on multi story buildings or homes. It is designed to be used with Karcher pressure washers that have up to 2300 psi. When you are using all four sections, this pressure washer wand does weigh 15.4 ounces, which may be a little uncomfortable for some, but most people are okay with the weight. Most people do not feel that you lose pressure when you are using it fully extended, but some negative reviews do imply that if you do not have the PSI, you may not have adequate pressure to clean thoroughly.

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AR North America Telescoping Lance


This extension has a 1/4” outlet and a 3/8” Inlet. It can be used with water up to 300 degrees. It needs a 1/4” hose to work properly. It is one of the longest reaching lances available and can extend out from 6ft to 18ft. It is a little heavy, though, at 9.2 pounds.

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Karcher Dirt Blaster Spray Wand


Anyone who has a Karcher will enjoy having this Dirt Blaster spray wand replacement part because it can improve the effectiveness of your pressure washer by up to 50%. It works with any pressure washer that has the Karcher name on it. It is ideal for those very tough jobs. However, because of the amount of pressure it adds to your pressure washer, you should possibly avoid using it on delicate or painted surfaces.

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Powerfit PF31026D Professional


This telescoping spray wand can reach up to 18 feet. It is usable with any pressure washer up to 3800psi. It works with both gas and electric pressure washers. All that you need is a 3/8” inlet and a 1/4” outlet. It is collapsible to make it easy to store away when not in use.

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