Best Electronic Pressure Washers For Cars in 2019

A clean car is a happy car. It also ensures that the driver is happy as well, because they will know without a doubt that they are driving in a vehicle that looks nice. However, the problem is, when it comes to washing, drying, waxing, cleaning the interior, and all the other cleaning chores required to clean your vehicle, it probably seems like you waste a day.

Sun Joe SPX3001AR Blue AR390SSKarcher K5 PremiumSun Joe SPX3000
Max PSI: 2030Max PSI: 2000Max PSI: 2000Max PSI: 2030
GPM: 1.76GPM: 1.4GPM: 1.4GPM: 1.76
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In some ways you do. This makes people neglect their vehicles. Instead of washing weekly, they may wash it monthly, some may go longer than that. It is only done when they have the time. Why not make it easier on yourself?

You can make it an easier chore by looking for the best pressure washer for cars. Who knows, you may also find other outdoor cleaning chores that are also easier now.

Is Pressure Washing Cars Safe?

There are some who feel that using a high powered pressure washer on your vehicle is going to damage the paint. That is why many people say you should never use car washes. It is true. You can cause damage with a pressure washer if you are not careful. They key is to discover what type of pressure washer you need to use and how to avoid getting into a dangerous paint zone.

pressure washer car

Max PSI Safe for Pressure Washing Cars

The PSI is the amount of pressure that the water coming out has behind it. Most damage will occur if you are using a pressure washer that is closer to 2500 PSI or more range. There are some car washes that use this amount of pressure.

However, for it to cause damage, you will most likely need to apply direct pressure straight from the nozzle and onto your vehicle at a close range. It is recommended that no matter what type of pressure washer you are using and regardless of what PSI it has, you should always start at about 24 inches away from the targeted area and move in no closer than 12 inches to it.

Most people do agree that a pressure washer that is 1300-2200 should not cause damage. A good example of this would be the AR Blue Clean AR383 which has 1900 PSI and a flow rate or GPM of 1.5. It has a very long cord for easy handling and enough pressure to handle the toughest areas. If you still feel as though you need more pressure, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is a great option that offers 2030 PSI.

If you have a pressure washer, the best recommendation is to start off with a fan spray setting and save the pinpointed hard spray for only the toughest areas to clean, such as the tires or undercarriage.

The good news is, there are a variety of pressure washers available that are within the “safe for vehicles” PSI range.

With that being said, you also need to consider the right GPM. The GPM rate is how much water comes out along with it.  Some people suggest that a higher flow rate for your 1300 psi pressure washer is better than a much higher psi and less water coming out the end of it.

However, if you have a pressure washer that uses less GPM you will not end up wasting as much water, which could also be a bonus for some people. How you choose to go about it is based on your personal preferences, what you want to clean with it, and how much power do you really need.

Pressure Washer Features You Need to Consider

From there, you will need to narrow down the right options for your pressure washer to have. For instance, do you want to have detergent and water mixed together as it flows from the pressure washer? If so, you will want to look for a pressure washer that has an onboard detergent tank (more on that below).

If you go with a lower PSI, such as a 1600 psi, you may want to consider choosing a pressure washer that has a turbo boosting nozzle for harder to clean areas. The options are endless once you figure out the correct PSI for you. Like we mentioned above, you need to make sure your pressure washer includes the right nozzles. Many models like the Sun Joe SPX 3000 include various nozzles that go from jet stream to 40 degree fan.

You may also want to consider other features, such as how easy it is to store, whether there is room on board for you to hold accessories, how much cord and hose you have, spray settings, and warranty information. Some pressure washers have a reel for the hose, which saves a lot of space, but people often consider it to be difficult to roll out, makes it top heavy, and in general harder to use. Other pressure washers like the Karcher K3 Follow Me are unique in that it rolls on four wheels for easy mobility.

karcher k3 follow me

A lot of pressure washers have plastic hoses or a lackluster motor. Do you have a power supply where you plan to use it? If not, you may opt for a gas pressure washer instead of electric. It is important to read reviews and pay attention to specs when buying a pressure washer, because you do not want a machine you will throw away within a year.

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Detergent Tank Vs. Foam Cannon

Many people think that a detergent tank and a foam cannon do the same thing. After all, they both apply soap to the surface area that you are using them on. The part that isn’t obvious to everyone is that they do different jobs.

A detergent tank is designed to mix soap (see our list of recommended soaps and detergents) and water together so that your surfaces get cleaner, but they do not produce a lot of foam. For this reason, they do not seem to clean as well as they could. The foam is what loosens and removes dirt, and when you use only a detergent tank; you could end up with left behind dirt and spots on your vehicle’s surface.

A foam cannon is designed specifically to help you get your vehicles clean. They produce a lot of foam and the foam works to loosen and lift the dirt off your vehicle. Then your pressure washer can rinse it away. Often, the foam cannon will not leave behind any soap residue, which could lead to spotting and a vehicle that looks like it still needs to be washed.

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Minimum PSI: 800Minimum PSI: 1000Minimum PSI: 1100Minimum PSI: 1000
Size: 32ozSize: 33ozSize: 32ozSize: 34oz
Fitting: 1/4"Fitting: 1/4"Fitting: 1/4"Fitting: 1/4"
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This is why you may also find a lot of people who say that a pressure washer isn’t designed to wash a vehicle, but the foam cannon makes it usable. Below are our top rated foam cannon nozzles compatible with almost all electric pressure washers.

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How to Clean Your Vehicle

When using a pressure washer, washing a car becomes a piece of cake. It should make the time you spend on your vehicle’s wash job a lot shorter. The thing is, there is a right way to handle it and a wrong way. The success of your car washing experience will depend on where you start washing and how safe you are while doing it. With a pressure washer that has a very high PSI, you could get hurt if you do not wear safety goggles or gloves.

When it comes to washing, you should do it much the same as with a water hose and wash rags, you need to start at the top and cover the car with detergent using a foam cannon nozzle attachment.

By starting at the top, you will have less soap residue remaining after you rinse it. You will not have a dirty rag or take a chance of splashing soapy, dirty water onto areas that you have just cleaned. With the pressure washer, you will also want to ensure that your spray is always angled, ideally, angled downward so that you do not splash dirt and other stuff back into the already clean areas.

pressure washer car

When you get to the bottom of your vehicle, you will have to be careful to not let the spray hit the dirt around your vehicle. A pressure washer will sling the mud back onto your vehicle if it does happen. This means you may want to wash your vehicle on a concrete driveway if at all possible, but it is not required.

With a pressure washer that is safe enough to consider for washing a vehicle, you should find an easy to operate machine that makes quick work of dirt and grime. This lower PSI means that you will be able to use it on bicycles, grills, porches, windows, and more without worry about causing damage to the surface area.

So, go ahead, enjoy washing your car a little more often. You will be glad you did when you realize how great your vehicle can look without all that dust dulling the paint.

Top Electric Pressure Washers for Cars

When you want a clean vehicle that comes without damage from using too much pressure, perhaps you should consider one of these pressure washer. They are definitely our most favorite option.

Sun Joe SPX3000

This pressure washer by Sun Joe packs a lot of cleaning power into a small package. It has a PSI of 2,030 using only 1.76 GPM. To provide that much power, it has a 1.45-Amp/ 1,800-W motor. It is able to handle washing all types of vehicles and has dual soap tanks for you to use. You can switch between tanks with very little effort, which means the right soap is always close at hand.

It is also able to reach all those hard to reach areas, thanks to a 34in extension spray wand. With this much on the wand, you will even be able to wash second story windows. As a safety feature for this machine, it includes the TSS feature so that you do not risk damage to your pump. Other accessories for this machine include a 35ft power cord, a 20ft hose, an adapter for your garden hose, a needle cleaning tool, and five spray tips for varying amount of power. Click to read our full review…

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Karcher K3 Follow Me

karcher k3

If you are concerned about an electric pressure washer that does not have a lot of power or tips over all the time, you need not worry again. The Karcher K3 is a pull along pressure washer that isn’t top heavy, which can cause tip overs. It has four wheels and weighs in at only 16.3 pounds.

It provides ample power at 1800 PSI and uses 1.3 GPM. The N-COR pump is durable and non-corrosive. You never have to do anything to maintain it. There is an onboard detergent tank which will send soap out through either the Vario Power spray wand or the DirtBlaster wand to help you get everything clean and bright, like new, again. Click to read our full review…

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AR Blue Clean AR390SS

ar blue clean ar390ss

This pressure washer is designed to take the tough stuff off all your vehicles without damaging their paint or clear coating. It offers 2,000 PSI and blasts it out through a 30ft hose. It is powered by a 35ft power cord.

It has a large onboard soap tank and four quick connect nozzles to ensure you get the washing power that you want while using less water than a garden hose. It has a one-year warranty that covers all parts of it and promises to give new life to all of your outdoor surfaces, no matter how much dirt they have accumulated on them. Click to read our full review…

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Sun Joe SPX3001

sun joe spx3001

One of the newest Sun Joe machines is the SPX3001. It offers 2030 PSI using 1.76 GPM. It comes with everything you need to get the job done, no matter what type of job you are staring down. It promises a consistent clean that is quick to achieve and comes with a full 2-year warranty.

It comes with a 34in extension spray wand, a large 40.6 onboard detergent tank, quick connect spray tips, and large wheels to help you get everything clean. There is also an onboard hose reel for the 20ft hose and a 35ft power cord to give you ample reach. Other accessories are available for you to purchase. Click to read full review…

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AR Blue Clean AR383

ar blue clean ar383

When you want clean, many people say get an AR Blue Clean. It is a powerful 1900 PSI and comes with everything you need including a 14oz detergent bottle, a spray gun, and a turbo wand. There are also different nozzles included. It has a one-year warranty and can quickly clean the dirt off all vehicles. All attachments use quick connect fittings, which makes assembly and changing out nozzles or wands very easy to do. Click to read our full review…

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Karcher K5

karcher k5

While using only 1.4 GPM, this pressure washer can provide up to 2,000 PSI. This means it easily provides enough power to knock the dirt off any surface, but it is also gentle enough to not damage the paint on your vehicle. It has an onboard hose real and detergent tank. There is a high pressure Dirtblaster wand included.

This unit never needs to be maintained because the N-Cor pump is durable and non-corrosive. One of the best things about this though is its portability. It has 7.7in wheels, a solidly built handle, and weighs in at only 32-pounds. Click to read our full review…

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