Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Review

When it comes to pressure washing, everyone wants a powerhouse. You want it to get things clean, without causing damage, but you also want it to be easy to use and reliable. Could the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV electric pressure washer be the thing you have been searching for?

PW182501AV Features

The PW182501AV electric pressure washer provides 1900 psi and 1.65 GPM output to ensure that it can clean even the dirtiest areas without issue. This means it can wash your vehicle, house, deck, or anything else you have nearby that you feel would benefit from a deep cleaning. However, it also features an adjustable fan lance to help you control the stream of water. If you do not want to risk damage to the more delicate surfaces, you fan it out more so that the water flows in a gentler stream. All of this is powered by a 120 volt, 14 amp universal, electric motor. The fact that it is electric means that it will be quiet and will not emit any odors or emissions.

It has an instant start/stop feature that makes it very easy to control. All you have to do is squeeze or release the trigger. If you are pressure washing your windows and do not want to hit the house you can immediately shut it off to get to the next window and then instantly fire it back up.

This Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV pressure washer also has an easy to hook up swivel hose adaptor and convenient on-board storage. When you are ready to clean, attach a hose and get started. When you are finished, unhook the water hose and then roll up the 35 foot power cord and 20 foot hose. All of this will be stored on the pressure washer so that you do not have to worry about tripping over cords and hoses if you walk near it.

There is also a bottle on this pressure washer which allows you to add detergent to your water supply. This detergent bottle will hold up to 450 ml of any type of detergent you choose.

The overall dimensions on this pressure washer is 13.5 x 34 x 10 inches. It weighs only 22.8 pounds, which means that it is easy to maneuver around when you need to. However, there is also a 20 foot hose included. This ensures that you do not have to spend all of your time moving the pressure washer around and that you can reach those areas that are further away, without having the pressure washer right there.

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The fact that it has 1900 psi means that it is going to be powerful enough to clean anything you put in front of it. This spray is adjustable though, thanks to the wand’s head, so that you can make it gentler for delicate items that you do not want to damage.

The adjustable spray nozzle allows you to spray a pinpointed stream of water or a wider spray of up to 3 inches. This makes it ideal for cleaning a variety of areas, regardless of the surface area of what you hope to clean.

It is a durable pressure washer. Even the hose is built to be long lasting and easy to use. It is made of metal mesh and then coated in plastic. This ensures that the hose is flexible, will not dry rot if you do not use it for a while, and the sun will not cause major damage to the hose.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV pressure washer is covered by a one year limited warranty to ensure you are protected from manufacturer defects. Other warranty options are possibly available, but it depends on where you purchase it from and what options they may offer.

When you first take it out of the box, this pressure washer is very easy to assemble. The instructions are easy to follow and assembly should only take you a few minutes.


With this pressure washer, you should avoid using extension cords. This means that you need to have a power supply outlet within 50 feet of where you want to clean. For some people, this is a major problem, for others it is simply going to be a minor inconvenience.

The hose is not extendable. When you buy this pressure washer you get only the twenty feet of hose to work with. This is not good for people who require more hose. This pressure washer may not be powerful enough to clean a two story house from the ground. It is designed for cleaning objects that are more within your reach.

What Owners Say

Most people say that it is very powerful and that it cleans anything they have tried to wash. They enjoy the fact that it is electric instead of gas powered, because during times when you do not need to use it, a gas powered one may become difficult to start. You do not have that issue with an electric pressure washer. The people who have had issues with the motor or other parts and contacted customer support, say that the customer support team is very helpful.

Of the people who have negative comments about the PW182501AV, most expected features that they were not buying. For instance, they wish it had a longer hose or they feel that the handle is too short. Some feel that it is not powerful enough and, of course, there are some who had to return it because of a manufacturer defect.

Is the Campbell Hausfeld PW18250AV Worth It?

Overall, if you are looking for a pressure washer that has the ability to clean well, then you will not go wrong with this one. If you want a pressure washer that can peel off dead paint, you may want to look at something a little more powerful than this one. In general, most people will feel that the Campbell Hausfeld PW18250AV is a solid choice and that it does everything they want for it to do. It is not perfect for everyone. The lack of a hose extension and being limited on where you can take it are drawbacks, but for the most part it is definitely worth considering.

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