Pulsar PWE1600 Review

For just the right amount of pressure washing power, you need a machine that offers both water flow and PSI ratings. This is not always something that is easy to find and a lot of manufacturers have a hard time creating a machine that can truly get the job done. Many, though, say that the Pulsar PWE1600 is about as good as it gets. Perhaps you will as well.

Features and Specs

The max pressure provided by the PWE1600 is 1600psi. This water is released at 1.6 GPM to give you a reasonable amount of water flow and pressure. The motor on board is a 120V/60HZ/12A. Even with this much power, it is one of the most affordable pressure washers available.

You get a full 35 ft of UL approved power cable, along with 19ft of high pressure washer hose, so that you can take it anywhere you need to go. The power cord is protected by GFCI.

It comes with a soap bottle for you to attach to the end of your pressure washer wand so that you can clean those hard to clean areas easier. It also has an ergonomic spray handle, a two way hose connector, and an adjustable spray wand.

This machine weighs only 18.8 pounds for easy maneuverability. Its dimensions are 10 x 27.5 x11 inches.

The Pulsar PWE1600 was built in China and has a one year warranty that can be requested if you want it through the manufacturer.

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What Owners Say

When most people first pulled the Pulsar PWE1600 pressure washer out of the box, they were not overly impressed by it. They do state that it looks cheaply made. However, once they get beyond the initial looks of the PWE1600, they are very satisfied with their purchase and give it a rating of 5 stars.

They say that it is exactly what they would expect from a pressure washer that only costs a little money. It does not leak around the connections and that they are well made metal connections. They say that it provides the pressure that they would expect and that it cleans anything they put in front of it.

There are always people who feel that their pressure washer is not what it should be. There are some people who say that over time and after a few uses, it will become less powerful. There are people who say that it was damaged during shipping because of the cheap plastic that it is made from. Of the people who were not satisfied with their new pressure washer, most say that the people they contacted about a return were very helpful in solving their issues.

Is It Worth It for You?

In general, people who have purchased the Pulsar PWE1600 say that it can clean anything they have around their house with enough pressure to get the job done, but not so much that you have to spend all of your time worrying possible damage. It does not matter whether you are washing a deck, a vehicle, or your bike. If you want it to be cleaned, it can be achieved with the Pulsar PWE1600.

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