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Karcher K5 Review

The best thing about a pressure washer is its ability to deep clean virtually any surface so that your chores outside do not take as long to achieve. The K5 by Karcher is one that promises to take your cleaning ability to the next level. It is one that promises to be a premium electric […]

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Karcher K1700 Review

Karcher is a name that people have associated with quality pressure washers for many years. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that the Karcher K1700 is also a favorite for many people. It offers a lot of features that are good and comes with a turbo nozzle. What more could you […]

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Karcher K 2.300 Review

Have you noticed that when it is time to handle spring cleaning outside of your home, a water hose may help, but it does not clean the toughest grime? Often, pollen and stuck-on dust, mildew, and other outdoor issues need more than what a simple water hose can provide. Tough messes like this need a […]

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Karcher K 5.540 Review

When it comes to putting a new product in the market, it is always essential that you bring out something unique that will make it stand out among its group. This is what Karcher, an established producer of quality cleaning products and supplies, did when they released the Karcher X-Series featuring the Industry’s First Water […]

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