Best Pressure Washer Brushes and Surface Cleaners

Pressure washer brushes are designed to make cleaning easier than ever before. They are large surface cleaners that work with a pressure washer. Some of them also have the added benefit of rotating while it cleans. They are a huge help to those who need to clean their driveways, vehicles, siding, and windows with a tool that will speed up cleaning, without causing potential damage to the surface area.

Why Use Rotating Surface Brushes?

Consider the nozzle that you have at the end of your pressure washer. If it is standard sized, you have a powerful cleaning area of only a few inches, unless you fan out the spray, which causes you to lose pressure. With a surface cleaner, you do not have this issue. A surface cleaner has multiple nozzles that spin around to clean a larger area at one time using the most pressure it can. If you add in a rotating brush to it you get a gentle scrubbing motion that can be used on vehicles or other surfaces that you do not want to damage.


Which Pressure Washer Brush / Surface Cleaner is Best?

Below you will find some of the highest rated pressure washer brushes on Amazon as well as surface cleaners. Perhaps, you will discover the one accessory that you no longer want to live without.

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13 Surface Cleaner

This surface cleaner is 15 inches of cleaning power. It can clean your large surface area up to 4 times faster than a standard pressure washer nozzle and it works by having rotating nozzles. These nozzles provide a streak free, even cleaning over any surface that you feel needs a thorough scrubbing. It attaches easily to any pressure washer that can use quick connect. The big question though, is which type is best for what you need to clean.


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PowerFit PF31023 Surface Cleaner

PowerFit is a popular brand for many reasons. They provide quality accessories for pressure washers and they make them affordable. This 15 inch surface cleaner is no different. It cleans using two rotating nozzles which provide the streak free cleaning that you would expect from this type of nozzle. It attaches to any pressure washer with a quick connect coupler system. However, it is designed for use with a gas powered pressure washer that is up to 3300 psi.


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Karcher T350 T-Racer Wide Area Surface Cleaner

This gas pressure washer surface cleaner is designed by Karcher, a top name in pressure washers and accessories. It is approved for use on pressure washers that produce up to 2650 psi and promises to not have splashbacks. It will not streak because the spray nozzles are set to remain a consistent height above the surface area that you are cleaning. It is a 12” head with two nozzles and the nozzles are adjustable to two different height settings. When washing, the nozzles spin at a very high speed and clean all areas quickly, even those that are vertical.


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Karcher T250 Deck and Driveway Surface Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your deck or your driveway, no one does it better than Karcher. This pressure washer accessory cleans a path that is 11” wide. It has two spray nozzles that spin rapidly around from a fixed height away from the surface area you are cleaning. This means you can clean any hard, flat surface and always get a consistent clean. It is compatible with all Karcher consumer electric pressure washers and works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


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4000 PSI Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner

This is a very heavy duty pressure washer surface cleaner that is designed for professionals who must cover a large area, quickly. This surface cleaner has an easy pull trigger so that you do not get tired while it scrubs a path that is 20” wide. It requires the pressure washer to be at least 3000 psi and no more than 4000 psi. It also needs a minimum of 3.5 GPM to work properly, but can handle up to 8.0 GPM. You can use it on hot water pressure washers that reach up to 180F.


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Karcher Rotating Wash Brush

This is a brush that rotates by using power from your electric pressure washer. The outer brush bristles are stationary while the inner bristles spin so that you will never have to scrub again. It is gentle enough to use on painted surfaces and vehicles. All you have to do is connect it to your Karcher electric pressure washer and it will clean any flat surface with ease.


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Powerwasher 80000 Universal Pressure Washer Rotary Brush Accessory Kit

This universal rotary brush uses the water from your pressure washer to spin the brush around. It has high quality, feathered bristles to ensure that it does not scratch painted surfaces and other delicate surfaces. To ensure that it will fit your pressure washer, there are 5 universal adaptors included in this kit and it fits most gas and electric powered pressure washers.


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