Best Pressure Washer Spray Tips and Nozzles

Pressure washers have a unique job. They help those people who use them to get the job done faster. To do this, there are several tools that you can purchase, along with the machine, which help you get into areas that are a little harder to reach or harder to clean. These tools, such as the nozzle or tips, are designed to add more pressure to your pressure washer, or even tone it down if you have a pressure washer with a higher PSI rating. However, how do you know which tips are best? No one wants to buy a tip thinking it will help them clean one area, only to discover that it does nothing that they wanted it to do. To give you an idea of what tips are available, and what to look for in a pressure washer nozzle, we have compiled a list of what we feel are the best pressure washer spray tips and nozzles available.

Why the Tips and Nozzles Matter

Many people feel that there is only one or two nozzles for their pressure washer wand. However, this could increase the chance of them damaging items, or not being completely satisfied with their pressure washing experience. A new tip or nozzle can give you more control over your pressure washer. It can pinpoint a smaller area or spread the pressure out more evenly over a larger area. They key is to know which types of tips or nozzles you can get, and then to decide which will work best for your particular needs.


What Types of Tips are Available?

Most often nozzles are separated into different degrees. Meaning you may purchase a zero degree nozzle that provides a pinpointed spray. This is great for areas that you do not have to worry about damaging the surface and it is able to clean dried, caked on dirt, concrete stains, rust, and other things that dirtying up your home or office.

If you choose a nozzle that is 15 degrees, you will get a slightly larger spraying area that scrapes off dirt, mold, hard water, and a lot of other things that are typically very hard to get off. This spray nozzle can also clean equipment and some of the other caked on dirt that the zero degree tip can clean.

In a situation where you feel the surface area needs cleaning, but it is not totally dirty, you can use the 24 degree nozzle which is best for general cleaning. It can also remove some mildew, clean gutters, and it may even remove old paint so that new paint can be applied.

When you have a large area that needs cleaning in a hurry, the 40 degree tip may work best. It is a nozzle that can be used on vehicles, boats, patios, and driveways where you simply want to wash away some of the dirt.

To apply detergent or to rinse off an area that you have already washed, you may want the 65 degree nozzle. It is designed to spray water out over a large area and simply works the way that a broom would. You only need to sweep from side to side and watch as any remaining dirt or soap disappears.

In some cases you may need to clean a larger area than the 65 degree tip can do quickly. That is why you have the option to add a nozzle onto the end of your pressure washer that appears to be a shower head. This type of rotating nozzle provides an even cleaning over a very large surface area at one time. It cleans by spraying water out in a circular motion. There are turbo tip rotary nozzles as well. The purpose of these rotary tips is simply to make a large job, take less time. They provide a pinpointed spray over a large area.

If you have an area that is just horrible, such as caked on grime that may end up on an RV or mobile home that has never been pressure washed in the past, you may want a turbo nozzle instead. These nozzles are designed to give even more pressure to the pressure washer that you are using. The coolest thing about these nozzles is that they often spin water out from the nozzle to gain the increased power. They are best used if you need a very high pressure spray over a large area at one time. A lot of people use this type of pressure washer tip when they want to clean their deck when spring comes their way.

Best Pressure Washer Spray Tips and Nozzles

A lot of times the basic degree tips will come in a package, which will provide you with a variety of cleaning options that you may not get when purchasing your pressure washer. Other times you may have to pick and choose the right option to clean the areas you feel need your attention. For you, in an effort to make choosing easier, we have come up with a list of the most popular spray tips. These are considered the best pressure washer spray tips and nozzles by the people who have already put them to good use.

Briggs & Stratton B4847GS Set of Tips

These quick connect spray tips are color coded to make it easier for you to choose the tip you want to use. The Black is for cleaning solution, white is 40 degrees, the green is the 25 degree tip, yellow for 15, and red for a zero degree nozzle. These nozzles are good for a variety of different brands, even though they are made by Briggs & Stratton. They are usable with even low PSI pressure washers.


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Briggs & Stratton 6195 Quick Connect Turbo Spray Nozzle

This pressure washer turbo tip is best used with pressure washers under 3000 psi. It is ideal for removing stains from bricks, concrete, or vinyl and promises to help you clean these items up to 40% faster than a standard tip. It is able to fit most brands of pressure washers and will connect easily to any wand that is designed for quick connect.


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Apache 99023778 Orifice Quick Disconnect Spray Tip Kit

These tips, like others, have a 3.5 orifice to fit any standard pressure washer. Within the kit you will get 5 color coded 1/4” quick disconnect spray tips. They work on a variety of pressure washer brands and there is no limit to the amount of PSI your pressure washer can have. It is also cheaper than a lot of the other tip kits on the market.


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Briggs & Stratton 6197 5-in-1

With one nozzle you will get all of the various degrees of water spray in one convenient place. This means you will never have to go searching for that one tip again. It works with most pressure washer brands up to 3200psi that have a quick connect wand. To work, all you have to do is turn the dial at the end and choose the setting that you want.


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Karcher Foam Nozzle for Electric Pressure Washers

This foaming nozzle is designed to apply a heavy foam on cars. All you have to do is add detergent concentrate to the canister and spray. This will turn your pressure washer and your backyard into your new favorite car wash. It works with all Karcher electric pressure washers up to 2300psi as long as they have the bayonet connectors.


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