AR Blue Clean AR383SS Review

When it comes to pressure washers, everyone has a preference. They either like one name brand over another or feel that sometimes they need more or less power. The AR Blue Clean AR383SS is an attempt to satisfy even the pickiest customer. It offers the best of both worlds. More power when you need it, but not so much that you risk damaging more delicate items. It is a nice middle of the road pressure washer from a name brand that you can trust to be dependable, but is it right for you?

AR Blue Clean AR383SS Features

The AR383SS is an electric pressure washer that provides up to 1900 PSI. It is designed to use cold water, which means that you can run it off the garden hose in your yard. It simply uses the water from your garden hose and makes it up to 40 times more powerful. If you use the included Turbo Nozzle, you can gain even more water pressure.

It has an easy to use hose reel for you to store the water hose, an area for you to wrap your power cord, and areas to hold all of your accessories. This ensures that your pressure washer will not take up all of your storage area and you will never have to worry about tripping over it in your garden shed.

This pressure washer has an easy to access on/off switch. It is located on the front of the machine. The front on/off switch was a new design for AR Blue Clean when they created this machine, though it has been used on others within their product line since.

It meets all regulations, which are set by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association (PWMA). You will also have a full one year bumper to bumper warranty to protect you from having a piece of equipment that does not work due to a design flaw or failing parts.

The AR383SS also has an on-board detergent tank, also one of the firsts in this machine style, but a feature that now carries over to other pressure washers in the series. To make the detergent tank more beneficial, there is a low pressure detergent nozzle included which will work on vehicles, lawn decor, and more.

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Is This Better Than Other AR Blue Clean Pressure Washers?

This pressure washer is an upgraded version of the original AR383. With this machine AR Blue Clean redesigned the way they create pressure washers. Unlike older versions, this one included accessories and easy storage options. They also made it easier to use. It is slightly more expensive than the older style, but cheaper than some of the pressure washers that have been made in the S series.

This pressure washer is a good middle of the road type pressure washer. It has sufficient power backing it. It offers up to 1900 PSI. Earlier versions maxed out at about 1600 PSI and later versions have reached up to 2100 PSI. All of them are great for some people and not so great for others.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the AR Blue Clean AR383SS, you will most likely not find any negative reviews. Most people do speak highly of it. They enjoy how easy it is to use and they feel that it cleans as well or better than they expected it to clean. They say that the design is good, that it is quiet when in use, and overall, very solid. People also like that it is relatively simple to assemble.

Any of the more negative comments are centered on the hose. There are some people who feel that the hose reel is not very good. They say that it is difficult to unwind the hose from around the reel and if you yank on the hose, the pressure washer will fall. They also say that the hose is stiff. If there are comments regarding other aspects of this pressure washer, it is because the people wanted more power than it can give.

Final Verdict

Overall, user ratings are very high. The AR Blue Clean AR383SS may be a little more expensive than some pressure washers, but when you consider all the attachments you will get and the power that is behind it, you really cannot go wrong. It has power to spare. It can clean vehicles, bicycles, patios, and windows. You will never have to worry about scrubbing the outdoors again.

However, if you have a lot of dirt built up on your concrete or you live in an area where pollen and other things may lay heavily on everything, you may need more power. For that, I would recommend the AR290SS. If you do not have a lot of truly dirty areas, you could even choose to spend less and consider the AR112, which still has 1600 PSI.

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