Sun Joe SPX1000 Review

For most people, cleaning up their patio, yard furniture, and home involves scrubbing brushes and a lot of effort. You could spend your time doing as they do or you could find a better way to handle all of the outdoor cleaning. Will the better way for your home cleaning efforts be the Sun Joe SPX1000? Why not see for yourself?

Benefits of the Sun Joe SPX1000

This is a small, light to medium, style pressure washer cleaner. It offers up to 1450 PSI, which makes it very easy on the items you may be trying to clean. It is powered by an 11.5 amp electric motor that uses only 1400 watts.

It uses very little water at only 1.45 GPM. This is ideal for anyone who may be worried about water conservation and makes it usable even during dry seasons.
The spray wand is fully adjustable and has a twist nozzle so that you can easily control how much water pressure is being applied. This means that you will be able to wash your vehicle without damaging its paint and then move on to clean your lawn furniture with a simple twist of the nozzle. The wand is also able to extend out up to 33 inches to help you reach further distances.

The SPX1000 is very lightweight at only 11.7 pounds. There are wheels to help you move it easily from one area to the next. These two things alone make it easier for people to use than some of the other, heavier pressure washing systems on the market. To further give you peace of mind regarding safety and usability, it does come with CSA approval.

It does have an included safety feature to protect you and those you care about. It uses a trigger safety lock that uses the Total Stop System (TSS) technology. There is also a full two year warranty on it to ensure that your machine always works the way you want for it to.

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What Is Good About the Sun Joe SPX1000?

This pressure washer is strong enough to remove loose paint from wooden surfaces, but it is not powerful enough to damage the wood while doing it. This makes it a great investment for anyone who wants to repaint the fence around their home or prepare to repaint their home and it could save you hours of scraping old paint off.

It can clean vinyl siding and concrete walkways or driveways without causing damage to the surface area. In fact, it is so gentle that some people say they use it to wash off the vegetables that they have growing in their garden without worry over whether it will be damaging their produce.

It is a cost effective light cleaning pressure washer. The price on this pressure washer is cheap enough to make it affordable for most people. However, with that being said, a lot of customers buy it for a cheap price expecting a professional cleaning solution. It is a great machine for the price, but you do have to ask yourself what you want out of it.

What Is Bad about It?

The hose is only 21 feet long, which is smaller than a lot of other pressure washer water hoses. This does mean that you may end up moving it around more often. However, the fact that it is lightweight makes this easier to deal with for most people.

For areas that are truly dirty, you may need to be closer to the targeted area if you want it to be completely clean. This pressure washer is designed for light to medium cleaning. If you choose to try to clean heavily soiled areas, you will probably not be very happy with it.

Is the Sun Joe SPX1000 Worth Owning?

One of the biggest things you must consider when looking at this pressure washer is that you are buying a pressure washer for very little money. The Sun Joe SPX1000 is designed to be used for basic cleaning projects. If you use it the way it was intended to be used, you will not be disappointed. There are many people who give it a very high rating.

If you buy it and tackle extremely soiled items or the grease stains on your carport, you may be disappointed and therefore you should consider looking at other options, such as the Sun Joe SPX3000 which provides 2030 PSI.

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