Sun Joe SPX4000 Review

When you want to give outdoor items a thorough cleaning, you can use a standard garden hose or a high-pressure washer. The garden hose will get the surface area clean, but if you want the penetrating clean that makes things look new; you need a pressure washer like the Sun Joe SPX4000. It has ample power to penetrate deeply into most surfaces to remove the toughest grime.

Sun Joe SPX4000 Features

This pressure washer has a 14.5-amp electric motor that uses pressure-select technology. This motor is powerful enough to generate up to 2030 PSI using 1.76 GPM. This provides maximum cleaning power for all your cleaning projects.

However, it is adjustable so that you can choose the power you want. The pressure select technology enables you to choose a low PSI setting of 1450, which works great for most cleaning tasks. The higher setting amps it up to full PSI.

It comes with five quick connect spray tips. This furthers your cleaning customizations. You can choose from 0, 15, 25, 40, and a soap spray tip.

Also included with your purchase, is an extension wand, a 20ft high pressure hose, a power cord with GFCI protection, a garden hose adapter, and even a needle clean-out tool. This means you get everything you need to get started on your outdoor projects.

A bonus for you is that all accessories have a place on the machine so that you can avoid worrying about where you put them the last time you used it.

This pressure washer has a safety lock switch on it. The Total Stop System (TSS) automatically shuts off the pump when you are no longer squeezing the trigger. This prolongs the pump life and saves energy. It is also helpful if you need to stop cleaning because a pet or a child comes too close.

There are several accessories that you can purchase to help your cleaner work more effectively. They include a turbo head nozzle, a rotary wash brush, a deck and patio cleaner, a longer extension lance, and a longer extension hose.

The SPX4000 is very portable, despite the fact it weighs in at 27.8 pounds. It has easy glide wheels so that you can roll it over any surface. It measures 37 x 18 x 22 inches, which means that storage should be easy for most smaller sized sheds.

This is larger than other Sun Joe pressure washers and there are some who say that it tips over less often because of the larger base size.

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What I Like About the Sun Joe SPX4000

I like the TSS for added safety and to protect the motor. It enables the machine to stop quickly if you release the trigger, which prevents accidents.

It comes with everything you need to get started cleaning. You get extra tips and more accessories.

Pressure Select technology enables you to choose a little pressure or a lot of it. You can flip the switch and go from basic cleaning to heavy duty, high pressure scrubbing.

Sun Joe provides excellent customer support to anyone who purchases a machine. There are several owners who say that their issues were handled quickly and by a friendly representative.

What I Don’t Like about the SPX4000

It does not use standard sized M22 fittings. This means if you need a new fitting, you cannot purchase from most hardware stores, which is a drawback for some users.

Some people have noticed leaks and rubber seals that do not seal properly.

Do Owners Love the SPX4000?

At least 75% of people say that it is an outstanding cleaning machine that does everything they need for it to do and more. They like how quiet it is compared to gasoline-powered machines. They love that it is portable and storable.

They love how well it cleans their driveways, vehicles, vinyl siding, and more. Most say that if anything ever happens to their new unit, they would gladly purchase another Sun Joe machine in the future.

However, there are some people who are not impressed. They say that it lacks power, that they want to be able to use other accessories on it, and more. There are a few who have had issues with it leaking, but overall, most of their issues are easily fixable.

Our Opinion of the Sun Joe SPX4000

We like the quality that Sun Joe provides. This pressure washer is no exception. It may not be the perfect machine for those who have used gasoline-power in the past, but for the most part, we feel that you will not be dissatisfied with the quality of it.

It offers a lot of great features and we like them. We also like how affordable it is and the fact that you can switch between two different pressure settings.

Overall, it gets our attention and we believe that it will get yours as well.

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